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Hooked - Liz Fichera After reading several contemporary books last year that featured main characters as athletes, I wanted to try Hooked. I'm really glad I did, because like predecessors Catching Jordan, Stealing Parker, and others, Hooked utilizes a bit of a twist on familiar plots. In Liz Fichera's debut novel, the main character Fred faces several challenges, but has an indomitable spirit that was beautiful to read about. Although the other main character, Ryan, wore on my nerves, I never found Fred to be anything but inspiring, and ended up enjoying Hooked a great deal.

I really enjoyed the authenticity Liz Fichera gave to her characters. They all felt very real; however in this case, I didn't enjoy the dual point of view as much as I wished. Despite having moments where I softened toward him, for the majority of Hooked, I didn't care for Ryan, or his point of view. I think the story could have been told better without his, because he let me down many times. He did come through eventually, but I didn't believe in him and Fred as a couple because of his antics and immaturity when it came to her. He had opportunities to step up, but chose not to, and my enjoyment of Hooked suffered.

I did come to admire Liz Fichera's story-telling, and the pacing, which was well done. I applaud the fact that Fred isn't the typical Caucasion narrator, and I enjoyed the tribal information in the story. I liked that she took risks as a story-teller, and delved into Fred's less than desirable home life with her alcoholic mother. Fred's father and brother were great additions to this story as supportive minor characters. I felt like as Hooked neared a climax though, everything was wrapped up really neatly and quickly.

Overall, I liked Hooked - the premise, and Fred. I'm glad I took a chance on Liz Fichera's story, because there were some really touching moments, but I'd have to say that I've seen this type of premise done better by other authors.