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Meant to Be - Lauren Morrill MEANT TO BE is one of those books that came along just at the right time. I've read some heavy books so far this year, and was starting to fall into a reading slump. Then I chose MEANT TO BE as the first book to read for my Contemporary Month event and it was a very fun and quick read - a bookish equivalent of a really good romantic comedy, that made me nostalgic for all the 90's films I loved so much.

Julia was a hiliarous narrarator, without really trying to be, and Lauren Morrill has a writing style that is really engaging without coming off as forced or over-the-top. I loved my experience with this book - it was one of those novels that allows you to escape into a "feel good" mode for awhile, without having to hold your breath and wonder if the hero or heroine will save the world. Instead, you get to go on an adventure (to London in this case) and maybe fall in love along the way.