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Siege and Storm - Leigh Bardugo What to say about SIEGE AND STORM? I swooned. I despaired, I was afraid for my beloved Alina and for Mal. I cried - big, ugly tears that didn't stop. I laughed. Impossibly, in some ways, I loved SIEGE AND STORM even more than I did SHADOW AND BONE.

But, I do have some reservations. So full review coming closer to the publication date. (Goodreads forced me to star this one last night on my iPhone app before it would let me complete it. I'm shelving it as "squee-worthy" now, which is my equivalent of a 4 star, but that may change.)

LOVED: the setting, new characters, seeing some old favorites in a new light, all the Mal/Alina, the layers, AIRSHIPS AND PIRATES, OH MY!

DISLIKED: seeing how twisted The Darkling really is (he's no romantic lead, y'all, trust me)

HATED: how many times my heart broke for Mal, some of the changes in Alina