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Don't Hate the Player...Hate the Game - Katie Ashley 1. Just this summary is offensive! Why are all these girls letting this guy use them?! #toofeministforthisbook

2. So this "douchebag" (to use the summary's word) was secretly in love with a good girl, and bought her a ring, but he wasn't man enough to propose, or even go public with their relationship? Um, huuuuuge red flag there. Why would chick let him keep their relationship/whatever a secret?

3. If this guy is SUCH an awful person, WHY has the MC been best friends with him for so many years?
3a) And never told him to grow up?
3b) Or knocked him on his butt?!

4. That is a BEAUTIFUL COVER. So here's the deal - I'm hoping one of my awesome, intelligent, fantastic blogging friends reads this one, and tells me I'm totally wrong about it.

Anyone up for the challenge? Anyone?