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Jane Austen Ruined My Life - Beth Pattillo I wasn't sure what to think of this novel, when I reached for it after noticing the title. The fact that it was shelved in the "inspirational" section when, upon reading it, I can say that it shares a slim tie to its counterparts, was also interesting.


Who can resist the protagonist, Emma? A woman after my own heart, Emma is a romantic, who has perhaps spent too much time searching, often down the wrong avenues, for her happily-ever-after. When her marriage dissolves, Emma journeys to England to "get revenge" on Jane Austen, but ends up coming to a better understanding of herself instead.

Funny. Poignant. Romantic. A bit of self-discovery, disguised as a study of Jane Austen's life. All in all, a solid read, and I have to say, I adored Emma Grant.