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Daughter of the Blood - Anne Bishop Read it, live it. Words fail to express how this book, and those that follow made me feel. Any summary I give will appear bland next to the magic contained in the pages. Anne Bishop is a master at the craft of story-telling. This book will sweep you off your feet with its majesty, the characters, the compelling story, and the dynamics between both the heroes and the villains.

This book introduced one of my favorite male literary characters - ever -, Daemon Sadi, and one of the most amazing female literary characters: Jaenelle Angelline. Although the read never sees anything from her point of view in the series, that does not keep one from feeling as if you know her...as deeply as anyone can ever really know Jaenelle.

I read this book in 2006 and was literally stunned with the depth, the scope of the world-building, the mythos and history, the sensual romance, the mystery, and the magic. I think any one who reads this outstanding novel will undoubtedly feel the same.