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Sebastian - Anne Bishop There are very few authors who have the ability to truly transport you, while you are reading - or rather living - their novels.

Anne Bishop is one author who possesses that gift. I love that every time I read one of her novels, I walk away different: never the same as I was when I started the story. Her books are transient, ever-changing, and yet she manages to convey to the reader a message of love, power, loyalty, and hope.

Sebastian is one of those books that opens your mind to what-if's. The world is not so much anything of the written word, but rather, images painted across the pages - it is that vivid. The characters draw you in, and you feel at home amongst their oddities. The novel does not want for plot, and there is just enough romance to add a dash of spice.

Fans of Bishop's signature "snarly" males will not be disappointed by Sebastian, the lead male - or this novel as a whole. There is a reason Anne Bishop is one of my favorite authors, and this novel showcases that reason - and then a few others.