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Shadow Kiss - Richelle Mead The third novel in this series ups the stakes established in the first and second volumes, taking the action and the intensity to a new level. Rose continues to struggle with her feelings for Dimitri, and Lissa has opened herself to the magic that once almost destroyed her.

What I liked about this book is that Rose is so identifiable - we've all loved someone we probably shouldn't, and hoped we would get our chance at a happy ending - and also such a strong female lead. I am not a fan of how Richelle Mead presents Lissa, and the fact that as the books continue, more cracks appear in Lissa's armor. I do, however, love Rose and Lissa's friendship, and how comitted they are to one another. Rose meets life's challenges head on, and I greatly admire that ability, which is still extremely evident in Shadow Kiss. With an ending that will leave you immediately reaching for the follow-up novel, Blood Promise, this book is a must read.