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Remember Me? - Sophie Kinsella The good: Sophie Kinsella once again delivers a fun, easy-to-read story with a lovable if slightly bewildered protagonist. Lexie wakes in the hospital with amnesia, and tumbles into a life others claim is hers. She has perfect hair, perfect teeth, an amazing husband, and is finally a "someone" in her company. But what she can't figure out is how she got from there, to "here." Lexie's journey is hilarious at times, heart-wrenching at others, as Kinsella adds a few interesting twists to the mix. Lexie finds herself in the middle of a mystery, with her identity and life at the center. I read this book quickly and eagerly, and laughed aloud at Lexie's predicaments and cheered at her triumphs.

The bad: The end of the book is wrapped up WAY too quickly; literally, it comes down to the final few pages. And said ending felt entirely too "neat", as if Kinsella suddenly realized she hadn't tied up her loose ends. Also, some of the characters could have been more developed, such as Lexie's husband, Eric, or her mother.

Overall: a decent book that I would definitely recommend to other fans of Sophie Kinsella. Her novels are funny and breezy, with main characters who you want to cheer for; however, they're meant, sometimes, to be taken at face value.