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Gideon - Jacquelyn Frank This book took FOREVER to read, but I am glad I stuck with it. "Gideon" furthers the development of the Nightwalkers series, as well as delves deeper into the mythos behind the world Jacquelyn Frank laid the foundation for in "Jacob."

I wasn't a big fan of the main character, which surprised me, considering Gideon is one of my all-time favorite names. As a medic, I expected him to be something cool and scientific, but at times he struck me as all but heartless. Only in the end of the book (by which I mean the last five chapters or so) did he finally seem somewhat warmer and human to me.

I loved Magdalegna, his intended, but to me, the pairing was so awkward and forced that I couldn't truly enjoy them or this book.

However, I greatly look forward to the next installment, Elijah.