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Daimon - Jennifer L. Armentrout
Alexandria has been trying to acclimate into normal, everyday human life, but she has a secret she can't tell anyone: she is not normal, and she does not truly belong in everyday, human life. Alex is the offspring of a mortal and a demigod, which means she has ties to a part of the world that most people never know about. Alex and her mother formerly called the Covenant home, where if they had stayed, Alex might have trained as a guard or another role in that life. Instead, she and her mother are on the run, and laying low to not draw attention to themselves, either from the Covenant, or from daimons, who crave the aether half-bloods and pure-bloods have running in their veins.

Right away I developed a huge soft spot for Alex. She's tough, and she's strong, and she can fight. But she also, on some level, wants to belong, and since she is so different, it just isn't happening for her. She has a smart mouth at times, but she has a big, huge heart, and it's easy to see in her interaction with her mother just how much she cares about the people that she loves. She's pretty fierce. I've seen a lot of people comparing her to Rose from Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series, and I can see the similarities, but Alex is a unique character all her own, too.

When a daimon tracks down Alex and her mother, Alex takes flight, desperately hoping to make it back to the nearest Covenant, and some sort of safety. Reeling from the shock of the daimon's attack, and the losses she suffered, Alexandria nevertheless perseveres, making difficult choices to leave behind the life she'd been trying to build, and go back to the first home she ever knew. She doesn't know if they will accept her. She doesn't know if her mother's fears about the Covenant were right. All she knows is that they may be her only chance at survival.

Leaving off on a breathless cliffhanger, Daimon leaves you anxious for more, as Jennifer Armentrout sets up this wonderful teaser to her novel, Half-Blood, due out in September. The perfect mix of the paranormal, some mythology, and a hint of romance, Daimon is a fantastic prologue to Half-Blood.

(Note: If you'd like to read Daimon, it is available for free at Spencer Hill Press's site, here.)