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Scorch - Gina Damico See more reviews at Once Upon a Prologue!

I was thrilled to return to the small, eccentric town of Croak to revisit my favorite characters: Lex, Driggs, Uncle Mort, and the various other townspeople. Author Gina Damico's zany cast of characters kept me laughing as the plot moved along, through both triumphs and tragedy's. Scorch is a deeper book than I originally thought it would be, because for Lex, the stakes are higher. She's an outcast in Croak now that Zara, a fellow Reaper, is on the loose. I thought in so many ways, Damico's second book was brilliant, because even though there were touches of her trademark humor and sarcasm, it's clear the characters have more to lose.

Once again, the characters in Scorch are absolutely a joy to read about. Each of them - down to the most minor of characters - comes alive under Damico's pen. Despite the many dangers - Zara's string of murders, Lex's new, odd powers, and so much more - all the characters stayed true to themselves. I loved the progression of Lex and Drigg's relationship, and how real it felt - perfectly awkward at times, serious or tender at others. I laughed out loud as often as I gasped with fear for my favorites. Gina Damico has a true talent at creating memorable characters.

With bodies piling up and the mystery of Lex's powers growing stranger every day, no place is safe for Lex and her friends. I read Scorch quickly because I HAD to know what happened next. Damico kept me guessing and kept me interested! I have a few mixed feelings on some of the plot twists, but overall, I enjoyed this one and will definitely be on the edge of my seat for the final book in the trilogy!