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Amber House - Kelly  Moore, Larkin Reed, Tucker Reed See more reviews at Once Upon a Prologue!

The mark of a good book, to me, is when after you've finished, you're still wondering about the characters, and dying to know how everything plays out. That happened to me when I read Amber House. Although at times I felt that the writing could have used some polishing, authors Kelly Moore, Tucker Reed, and Larkin Reed have crafted a spine-tingling story about family history, loss, scandal, secrets, and the hope that history does not have to repeat itself. Combining the paranormal with a dash of sci-fi, Amber House is many things: romantic, genteel, and above all, scary. I LOVE to be scared, yet it very rarely happens...but Amber House actually left me afraid the night I finished it.

The Parsons family has a troubled past that Sarah, the main character, sees and experiences in glimpses, called "echoes." I enjoyed this aspect of Moore's story, because the house, recently vacated by Sarah's deceased grandmother, is full of family heirlooms, each one with a different, sad and sometimes, horrifying story to tell. I couldn't help but feel for Sarah and for her adorable younger brother, Sammy. They were both amazing characters, and Jackson and Richard were wonderful additions to the plot; each boy served a purpose other than being a love interest - they actually each furthered the story being told.

Amber House has a great deal to offer fans of mysteries. There's a decidedly Gothic, spooky feel to Moore's book, including two twists I didn't see coming, but really enjoyed. Considering I've heard this is part of a trilogy, I'm excited to see what the next book holds; although, Amber House could very well function on its own as a stand-alone. There is though, a LOT of potential in the characters and in the storyline, which really took off for me about halfway through Amber House. If authors Moore and the Reeds want to write more about these characters and the imposing, mysterious Amber House, I will definitely continue reading! I enjoyed the writing style, the elegance, and the period feel to this book, and will be anxiously awaiting new of a sequel.