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Inbetween - Tara A. Fuller I wanted to read Inbetween for some time; I love paranormal books, and there was something special about this one, or so I hoped. Immediately upon starting author Tara Fuller's debut novel, I realized I was falling for the story and for the characters. Inbetween is one of those books that you just want to hug, because it's full of emotions, and "feel-good" moments, despite the various perils the characters are in; there's definitely something incredibly sweet and touching about this novel.

I'm not sure what to rave about first: the characters or the author's writing style. Fuller writes beautifully - the writing is both easy to follow, and also vividly descriptive. The characters are awesomely genuine - teenage boys and girls who would fit in anywhere, but they're all unique, too. They have their own burdens, but they bear them well. Emma doesn't let her father's death crush her; Cash doesn't let his home life get the best of him. And Finn is honorable despite his situation and surroundings. I never expected to find so many gems in a book about death. Emma, Finn, Cash, and even Easton (who I wanted more of!) all stand out in Inbetween.

I also enjoyed the attention and thought given to the Inbetween and to the rules for reaping, as well as that there were consequences for everyone's actions, and that the characters knew it. Inbetween was a difficult book at times because of Finn and Emma's pasts, and Finn's line of work. But every sad moment was balanced out by a happier one, as we saw how many people Emma had around her who cared about her. I loved the progression of her relationship with Finn - TOO CUTE.

Inbetween is fast-paced, but not TOO much so; Fuller strikes the right pace and delivers a breath-taking, enjoyable novel of first love, and life after death. Some powerful secrets were revealed in Inbetween when it came to Finn and Emma, and the ending definitely surprised me in a good way - so bring on the sequel!