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Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout Every time I finish a book by Jennifer L Armentrout, I'm speechless for one reason or another. With her unparallelled ability to create intimately identifiable characters, and sizzling love interest, not to mention heart-pounding storylines, I went into Onyx with high expectations, and finished this brilliant addition to her Lux series with sky-high hopes for the sequel. Spirited book blogger Katy and insufferable, swoon-worthy Daemon Black add layers of depth and emotion to this installment, which is made even more intense by the mysteries and betrayals swirling through the Luxen community.

Everything I thought I knew about these character and this series was turned on its head in Onyx, and in a good way. JLA added character growth to Katy, who became so much more than she was in Obsidian. Daemon surprised me so many times, with his affection and respect for Katy, with how he encouraged her to grow, with his need to protect her. I lost count of the number of times I swooned over him! And then there were several new characters who I'd think had one agenda, then realize really had an entirely different one. JLA kept me guessing, and I liked that!

I loved so much about Onyx: Daemon's trademark one-liners, all the unexpected humor, and especially the changing relationships. I wondered how long Katy could resist Daemon, because - I - couldn't resist him. And I have to say, JLA masterfully handled the various plot lines, weaving them seamlessly into one another. Not many authors could have a white-hot romance simmering to a burning point while the DOD circles, endangering all the characters we love - but JLA does it. And yet even admidst the peril, these characters retain what makes them all so lovable, and their voices still seem genuine.

I ran the gamut of emotions with Onyx: I laughed, so often. I cried. I screamed. I wanted to hit something, then hug everyone. I can't even begin to express my relief at some points, and my frustration at others. JLA has penned a game-changer with Onyx: nothing will be the same for Katy or Daemon after this, and I for one, cannot wait to get my hands on Opal to see what comes next.