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Can't Stay Away (Sweet Valley High Sr. Year(TM)) - Francine Pascal I was just starting high school when this book came out, and it was so different from the Sweet Valley books of old, which I'd read a few of, or even the Sweet Valley University books. I remember being so excited - this series was set immediately after the earthquake ripped through Sweet Valley and all the schools had been divided up, sending kids to Sweet Valley High...which meant new characters!

To me, this series while shorter than either SVU or SVH, was far more realistic than the previous ones. The twins and their friends dealt with real life issues - life was not entirely picture-perfect as it had been portrayed before. Love was messy, friendships were complicated. Everyone had to grow up, and Pascal (or her ghostwriter/s) did it beautifully.

This series will always have a special place in my heart, hence my adding it to my list. I don't think I'd ever re-read the books, having grown up since then - but I grew up while I read them, and that wins them a special mention.