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The Fault in Our Stars - John Green Full review at Once Upon a Prologue in March.

The Fault In Our Stars broke me. It made me sob, and cover my mouth so that I didn't wake up my family. It made me remember so many, many good times with my Grandma Jean, who was my friend, teacher, confidante, and who I miss every day. It made me laugh, amazingly enough, at Hazel, and Augustus, and how self-aware they were for young adults. It made me think about my life, and who and how I love. I cried one page, then giggled another. I swooned over Augustus Waters, who really is a shining example in literature of a stellar character.

"Some infinities are bigger than other infinities."

I read this quote in The Fault In Our Stars days ago now, and I'm still mulling it over. I could quote a hundred passages easily from John Green's book, but other reviewers have done that, and better. This quote struck something deep inside of me. I can find points in my life that were bigger infinities or smaller ones - but the size of them is only relevant when it's compared to how well we live and love while we're within them.