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Renegade - Amy Carol Reeves * This is a review for the second book in the RIPPER series, so there are mild spoilers for Ripper. *

After I enjoyed Ripper last year, I eagerly requested Renegade, the follow up from author Amy Carol Reeves. I remembered Arabella Sharpe as being a strong, determined heroine, and the same is still partially true in the sequel. However, I felt that the pacing was off, and the random point of view switches, mixed with a far-fetched plot, and variances in the characters, were just too odd for me to enjoy Renegade.

Although she seemed to have chosen William in Ripper, Arabella wavers constantly between William and Simon in Renegade, and I thought this bloated the story, and that this aspect should have been trimmed out, or lessened. Arabella tends to put people up on pedastols, and the minute they don't meet her expectations, she's done with them, which really soured me on her. Y'know, glass houses and stones. I was annoyed enough with the lukewarm love triangle that I couldn't enjoy the more fantastical elements of Renegade.

The plot itself moved along fairly smoothy, until as I mentioned, the point of view would shift to one of the more villainous characters. This not only completely jarred me out of Renegade, it was also just too crazy for me to really buy into. Suspension of disbelief is only possible when there's something good in the plot to grasp onto. I sped through the last 50 pages honestly just to get to the end. I couldn't help but compare the historical and macabre elements in Renegade to the much better paced and written The Diviners!

When Renegade ended on a gratuitous cliff-hanger, I realized it's likely there will be a third book, and it's even more likely that I will not read it. This was undoubtedly done to ensure readers will stick around, but I won't.