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Going Vintage - Lindsey Leavitt Full review appears at Once Upon a Prologue.

Filled with a bright cast of characters, Going Vintage is a lesson in blocking out the world and listening to your heart. I really enjoyed watching Mallory grow as a character; although she starts out as someone who doesn't have many interests outside of her boyfriend, she becomes a girl who doesn't need a boyfriend to have interests and be interesting. Mallory learns to value herself with the help of her out-going sister, Ginnie, her parents, who despite their flaws, care a great deal about their family, and through her friends, but mostly through learning to trust herself. Not everyone could have shown Mallory's bravery in learning that it's okay to be on her own. I admired Lindsey Leavitt's ability to write such genuine characters in Mallory, Oliver, Ginnie, and Mallory's Grandma. Everyone had a little something to teach Mallory, which I enjoyed.

I love books that, while they do feature a romance, don't rely on the romance to move the plot along, and in Going Vintage, the romance is the perfect, subtle companion to Mallory's growing sense of self. Leavitt doesn't overwhelm the reader, but rather builds a relationship between Mallory and Oliver as a sweet undercurrent to the bigger picture. Mallory's goals always takes center stage, with moments of both seriousness, and hilarity, as various mishaps and deviations from Mallory's grandmother's list occur, teaching her that sometimes it's less about the destination, and more about the journey.