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Easy - Tammara Webber Some thoughts - full review coming soon!

I enjoyed EASY a great deal; after hearing a lot about it, I finally splurged on it last month, and decided to read it. Now I'm asking myself why I waited this long. EASY has great characters who grow/change over the course of the novel, by admitting past faults, and moving past them and toward the future. I LIKE.

There were some moments where I was uncomfortable or flat out angry. EASY deals with rape/attempted rape and more than once various characters were willing to wave that way with "oh well it didn't happen," "he didn't mean it," etc. I call bullshit. One character even brought up that someone "wasn't a virgin, so..." AND?! *stabs* I DID NOT LIKE.

The romance was swoon-y! I loved seeing Jacqueline and Lucas open up to each other, and to others. It would have been easier for Jacqueline to remain the girl broken by her former relationship ending, or for her to continue being the victim who always gets saved, but she stepped up FINALLY, and started to heal and get stronger in so many ways. Lucas was just perfect for her, after a fashion, and after he started letting himself really be all in. I LIKE.

These are just my first impressions, which I will *waves hands mysteriously* craft into a review at some point soon.