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The Rules for Disappearing - Ashley Elston First impressions after finishing (also to help me if I, predictably, forget to write my review before my memory of this one goes fuzzy.)

1) I really liked the MC's "voice." Believable, and Elston did a great job of having Meg straddle the line between put-out by the position she and her family were in, worried for what was going on, and still coming across as a teenager with teenager issues.

2) ETHAN LANDRY. <3 <3<br/>
3) Loved that this is primarily set in Louisiana. Louisiana setting = guaranteed I'll read it.

4) Nice mix of action and slower, relatable moments with things like family interaction, crushes, and girl-problems.

5) I had some problems stretching my disbelief at a few points, but this was a really fun read with some heart to it. Full review coming soon!