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Dare You To - Katie McGarry No.

I loved PUSHING THE LIMITS but this one made me so mad. Ryan is an arrogant jerk. Beth is a judgmental bitch, and worse, a complete hypocrite who makes assumptions about others.

Ryan and Beth's relationship revolves around the swoon-worthy foundation that he's SUCH an irresistible stud that she won't be able to resist going out with him. Oh yeah. Oh baby.

This is the same ass who has all but shunned his brother for nothing more than his brother's courageous act of coming out. How DARE Mark keep his integrity intact and leave when his father kicks him out? How DARE he not come home and keep his sexuality a secret? Obviously it's HIS fault the family fell apart. This is Ryan's reasoning.

Oh yeah, I'd date that hunk.


And did I mention that Beth spends every freaking paragraph whining about how TERRIBLE her life is? Even when someone who CARES about her is trying to help her, all she does is whine and moan.

What a letdown this one was.