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Knotted Roots - Ruthi Kight I don't have screencaps, but this author made a very insulting post on her Facebook page going after a blogger friend of mine. Friends of this author then proceeded to viciously tear down said blogger in a way that I found disgusting (including attacking her character). Authors do have the right to disagree with reviews, just like reviewers have the right to dislike how a book was written. The problem comes in when either side takes things to a personal level, and that's what this author (and several others on this shelf, including Tara Brown, Janiera Eldridge/etc did in this instance.) Making a public post bashing the blogger, then doing next to nothing as other authors join in and tear the blogger apart is terrible. Both reviewers and authors need to have thick skins, if they're/we're going to put our words and ideas out there in a public forum (our blogs / books / etc), because they then became fair game for commentary, but not attacks.