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A Wounded Name - Dot Hutchison I tried, I promise. According to my Nook I made it a bit over halfway, but I swear, those 200 pages were the LONGEST and MOST DEPRESSING pages I've ever read in my life.

What I liked: the writing style was gorgeous, and I wanted to wrap it around me forever and ever. Seriously, Hutchison is a VERY talented writer.

What I disliked: what was this book? Was it an ode to Shakespeare? Was it a love story? Was it a tragedy? Was it historical? Was it modern? Was it a fey story? Was it paranormal? Was it a ghost story? I couldn't tell you. I don't think this book even knows what it is.

Also, Ophelia was like weirdly obsessive about trying to be a "good daughter," and her relationships with her father and brother were totally unhealthy. I get why (some back story with her mother), but I didn't lik eit.

What I hated: the romance. There's healthy and there's unhealthy, and then there's OH HELL NO, which is what the romance was in this one. Literally EVERY DAMNED TIME Ophelia and Dane are near each other/touch/kiss he's hurting her. One of the first times they kiss, her neck muscles "scream in protest," from the position he has her in. Another time he slams her into a tree and holds her so hard he bruises her, badly. Another time he has a crucifix necklace between them, and it's biting into her. The last encounter I read, "pain bloomed between them, sleepy and familiar," and oh yeah, did I mention this guy tries to choke her AND SHE LETS HIM? Shakespearean tragedy or not, kick his ass to the curb, Ophelia!

So yeah. I'm really disappointed, because I had VERY high hopes for this one, but they fell...really, really flat. Maybe I wasn't in the mood. Maybe this is a fabulous read. Sadly, I'll never know.