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Tumble & Fall - Alexandra Coutts Three points of view which easily could have been two, since one was completely superfluous and melodramatic. The only two things I liked were the writing at times - when the author was showing and not telling - and the VERY loose thread tying the characters together.

Such a disappointment. Apparently this book is packaged via Alloy. Makes sense, but I'm still sad.

Flat characters and inexplicable actions aside, I've tried hard to look for something good or outstanding to redeem Tumble & Fall. The pacing felt off to me, since we were constantly bouncing between points of view at odd moments. And there really was no HEART to the book - I didn't feel anything, becauese there was absolutely no sense of urgency. I mean, the world was potentially ENDING, and I didn't feel anyone's fear/panic - so *I* didn't feel anything while reading Tumble & Fall. And the climax? Frankly the ending was completely disappointing. I kept turning the page looking for something more, because with THIS sort of book, you NEED resolution, and I didn't get that.

I do think the message Coutts was going for is that nothing is certain - asteroid or not, something terrible could happen at any time. And it shouldn't TAKE that to bring people together. There was that faint sense here of lives inter-mingling, which was pretty neat.

Final thought: I was totally disappointed with Tumble & Fall - from the boring characters, to the "tell" in the writing, to the weird ending. Don't look for much substance beyond the stunning cover, or this one will break your heart. Go in blind or with really low expectations, and you might be pleasantly surprised.