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These Broken Stars - Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner 5 stars simply isn't enough. Terrific world-building, heart-stopping action, poignant romance, and two of the best written characters I've ever come across.


THESE BROKEN STARS = TITANIC in space. Thus, Tarver = Jack Dawson, and Lilac = Rose.

Let's meet Lilac, aboard the Icarus:

This is Lilac at the beginning of THESE BROKEN STARS. A society girl who has problems, problems that authors Kaufman and Spooner actually manage to make resonate with me. (It should be noted I am not a rich person, nor do I typically feel for rich people in books. In this one? I did.) Despite finding Lilac infuriating, I eventually came to like her.

Now, meet Tarver:

I liked Tarver immediately. I LOVED Tarver immediately. I couldn't help but think of the scene in Titanic where Jack is set up invited to dinner by Cal, and ends up schooling everyone there. Tarver doesn't really belong in society, but he's sort of a quiet bad-ass, and I adored him.

Tarver + Lilac grabbed my attention. Tarver has no idea who Lilac is at first, but he's drawn to her. And *I* was drawn to *them.*

Even though at first it was less swoon-y and more like this:

But EVENTUALLY their prejudices toward one another melted away as they were forced to work together. They started to really see each other for who they were. Things happen - dangerous, mysterious things. Tarver and Lilac begin to change, to become better versions of themselves.

And even though there are so MANY themes to this novel: a crash-landing reveals Tarver and Lilac's hearts, there's a not-so-barren planet to cross, mysteries to investigate, and their very survival to fight for...

The romance got under my skin and made me swoon. Their clashes of will were so powerful. It was SO CLEAR these two were feeling something for one another, and yet just as evident that their stations in life, and their fighting for survival threatened to keep them apart. But I LOVED seeing their attitudes change, seeing them become allies, with the potential for more.

Oh, and then this happened, basically:

Want to know more about THESE BROKEN STARS? Want to know if Tarver and Lilac ever get together? What's going on on this planet? If they make it to the crash site, or beyond?


You're welcome.